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i686 32-bit Intel compatible
x86_64 64-bit Intel compatible
armv6l Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi B+
armv7l Raspberry Pi 2, Cubox-i

How to setup openFrameworks

  • Get the latest version
  • Decompress and put in a reachable location for the user that will works with
  • cd into of_$VERSION_linux$ARCH_release/scripts/linux/$DISTRO
  • Install the dependencies
  • All
sudo ./
  • Cubox-i (ARMv7l)
apt-get -y install libgles1-mesa-dev libgles1-mesa-dbg
  • Install the codecs on Intel compatible systems
sudo ./
  • Go one level up into <OF>/scripts/linux
  • Execute ./


=== How to fix couldn't find some pkg-config packages, did you run the latest Stop.

  • Grab the list of packages listed right after checking pkg-config libraries
  • Append the list of packages after the command pkg-config --print-errors
  • Install the missed packages returned by the above command
  • Repeat until ./ runs cleanly