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This page contains providers of parts for minor production, PCB manufacture and assembly



Low price parts and components with good enough quality.

  • Futurlec from Australia, usually is $4 shipping and is delivered in about 10 days.
  • Tayda Electronics from China, shipping is about $2 and is delivered in 1 week.
 The only bad thing is after first purchase they continually send promos by mail on daily basis.

End product

Usually this parts are more expensive but high quality


  • Sunstone Circuits Small boards in small quantities, usually less than $100.
  • PCBnet 2 Layers $25 each - 4 Layers $50 each. Even 1 piece is Ok - No Tooling
  • Seeed Studio 2 Layers $9.90. Gerber files, 10 units of 100mm*100mm
  • Gadgetronicx 4 Layers $29.50. EasyEDA files, 10 units of 50mm* 50mm