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How to create a GPG key

  • Executhe the command
# gpg --gen-key
  • Choose:
    • 4096
    • No expiration date (0)
    • No passphrase (Hit <ENTER>)

How to publish GPG key to a key server

# gpg --keyserver --send-keys ABCDE123

How to confirm a GPG key has been published on the key server

# gpg --keyserver hkp:// --search-key ''

How to import a repository key

  • From a key server
# gpg --keyserver --recv-key F0DAA5410C667A3E
# gpg -a --export F0DAA5410C667A3E | apt-key add -
# apt-key update
  • From a file
  • Ubuntu
apt-key add
  • Fedora/CentOS
# rpm --import

How to list all the imported keys

  • To see all the keys on the system
# gpg --list-keys
  • To see only the repositories keys
  • Ubuntu
apt-key list
  • Fedora/CentOS
rpm -q gpg-pubkey --qf '%{name}-%{version}-%{release} --> %{summary}\n'