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How to setup udev for MSP430 LaunchPad

  • Add the proper udev rule to let the user have access to the device
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0451", ATTRS{idProduct}=="f432", MODE="0664", GROUP="dialout"
  • Restart udev
udevadm control --reload
  • (Re)Attach the MSP430 LaunchPad board

How to setup MSP430 GCC toolchain from distro

  • Install msp430 tools and dependencies


 # yum -y install msp430-gcc msp430-binutils msp430-libc mspdebug msp430mcu libmpc-devel glibc-devel.i686
 # sudo ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib64/


 # apt-get -y install gcc-msp430 binutils-msp430 msp430-libc gdb-msp430 msp430mcu libmpc-dev libc6-dev-i386
 # sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
  • Setup the MSP430 Plugin

How to setup MSP430 GCC toolchain non-distro

On Fedora 21 and newer versions the toolchain has missed some symbols, on that case is better to not use the toolchain that comes with the distro. In order to deal with this, the toolchain provided by will suffice

How to setup MSP430 plugin for Eclipse

  • Install msp430 tools and dependencies


 # yum -y install eclipse eclipse-cdt


 # apt-get -y install eclipse eclipse-cdt
  • Update eclipse, Help > Check Updates
  • Add the MSP430 plug-in on Help > Install New software
  • On the "Available Software" screen, click on 'Add' button and fill in the fields as follow
  • Back to "Available Software" screen, enable the check box for msp430 and then hit 'Next' at the bottom of the screen
  • On the "Install Details" screen click 'Finish'
    • Click 'Ok' if the "Security Warning" prompts you to confirm the installation
  • Click on 'Yes' when Eclipse finish up the installation and ask you to restart Eclipse itself.
  • Click on MSP430 > Tool Manager at the top menu
    • Click on 'Add' and look for the toolchain at /opt/ti/msp430-toolchain
    • Click on 'Activate'

How to create a project on Eclipse

  • Select File > New > Project
    • Select C/C++ > C Project and click 'Next'
    • Set a name on 'Project name'
    • Select MSP430 Cross Target Application > Empty Project and click 'Finish'
  • Right clik on Project and select Properties and then select MSP430 on the left menu
    • On Target MCU select your microcontroller
    • On MSPDebug select the driver 'rf2500'
    • On Connection select 'USB', the serial number of the MSP430 LaunchPad should be listed in the dropbox, if not udev has not been set properly

How to build and upload a project on Eclipse

  • Once the project is done, press '<CTRL>+B' to upload the code
  • Once the project is build clean, upload the binary to the MSP430 LaunchPad with MSP430 > Upload to target

NOTE: Make sure 'Debug' profile is always set. It can be checked doing a right-click on the project and selecting Build Configurations > Manage...