Windows Server 2012

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Initial setup

Initial tasks that needs to be done on any Windows server once the OS is done

Locally through the Management interface

  • Setup the Administrator account
  • Setup the external NIC
    • Disable IPv6
    • Set the static IP
  • Setup the internal NIC
    • Disable IPv6
    • Set the static IP
    • Ping other hosts
  • Disable all unused NICs as having them enabled will create traffic routing issues.
  • Activate Windows
  • Enable remote desktop
  • Setup the firewall
    • All ports
    • All protocols
    • Local IPs must include both public and private intefaces
    • Remote IPs must include all known networks
  • Eject the media used at installation time

Remotely via Windows Remote Desktop

  • Setup timezone to UTC
  • Set the hostname
    • Put the current hostname in Description
    • Set the domain
    • Reboot the system
  • Once the system is back online setup Active Directory roles/features on admin