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Prefered Linux Distribution: Debian

Image setup

How to setup an image

  • Extract the image
# unxz <image name>.img.xz
  • Transfer the image
# dd bs=4k conv=fsync if=<image name>.img of=/dev/sdb

OS Setup

DVI Support

How to enable HDMI Support

The default imagest doesn't support HDMI-DVI converters

  • In order so setup a fixed resolution, add to >uEnv.txt

Otherwise the best higher resolution will be choosen.

Hpw to enable OpenGL suport

Kind of message like this

 libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate
 [ error ] ofAppGLFWWindow: 65544: X11: RandR gamma ramp support seems broken
 X Error of failed request:  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
   Major opcode of failed request:  72 (X_PutImage)
   Serial number of failed request:  120
   Current serial number in output stream:  121

Can be solved updating all the mesa packages to the same version

# apt-get install libopenvg1-mesa libgl1-mesa-dri libgl1-mesa-dev libgbm1

How to build Mesa video drivers on a new kernel


  • Get the latest open source driver
# git clone
  • Build the driver
 # cd etna_viv
 # export GCABI=imx6_v4_1_0
 # make
  • Get the mesa fork for the library generated above: libetnaviv.a
 # git clone
  • Install dependencies to build the mesa driver
# apt-get -y install x11proto-dri3-dev x11proto-present-dev
  • Configure the mesa driver
  • First pass to try to trick the intel drivers
 # cd mesa
 #./ --with-driver=dri INTEL_CFLAGS=disable INTEL_LIBS=disable
  • Second pass to enable etnaviv
# cat > << EOF
  export ETNAVIV_BASE="/mnt/build/kernel/video/etna_viv/"
  export ETNAVIV_LIB="${ETNAVIV_BASE}/src/etnaviv" # important!
  export ETNAVIV_INC="${ETNAVIV_BASE}/src" # important!

  export CFLAGS="-I${ETNAVIV_INC}"

  export ETNA_LIBS="-letnaviv" # important!

  ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-driver=dri \
   --enable-gles2 --enable-gles1 --disable-glx --enable-egl --enable-dri \
   --with-gallium-drivers=swrast,etna --with-egl-platforms=fbdev \
   --enable-gallium-egl --with-dri-drivers=
 # bash
  • Build the mesa driver
 # make
  • Install the mesa driver
 # sudo make install
  • Build kernel module
 # cd /lib/modules/3.14.14+/build
 # make modules_prepare
 # cd /mnt/build/kernel/video/etna_viv/kernel_drivers/imx6_v4_0_0
 # make -C /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build M=$PWD

How to build Xorg video drivers

  • Setup the dependencies
# git clone git://
# cd libdrm-armada
# autoreconf --install
# ./configure --prefix=/usr
# make & sudo make install
  • Get the sources
# git clone
  • Build the driver
# cd xf86-video-armada

# export ETNAVIV_BASE="/mnt/build/kernel/video/etna_viv"
# export ETNAVIV_LIB="${ETNAVIV_BASE}/src/etnaviv"
# export ETNAVIV_INC="${ETNAVIV_BASE}/src"

# ./ --with-etnaviv-include=$ETNAVIV_INC --with-etnaviv-lib=$ETNAVIV_LIB --with-libgal-include=$ETNAVIV_INC/include_imx6_v4_1_0 --with-libgal-lib=/usr/lib
# make