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This is my personal knowledge base. It's mainly about Linux engineering, development, system customization, and networking but also some things I might want to recall about other operating systems. So basically this an extension of my thoughts, but you are welcome to navigate around this wiki, hope it helps you too much.

If you want to make some comments or just say hello, you can send me an email to

Software Development

Interpreted Languages


  • Android - Google mobile platform
  • Java - The Sun Microsystems Language
  • openFrameworks - C++ toolkit for creative coding
  • Qt4 - Cross-Platform application development framework



System Administration


  • PAM - Pluggable Authentication Modules
  • passwd - Password database


Cloud Computing

Configuration management & provisioning

  • Ansible - Radically simple IT automation tool
  • Cobbler - Network based OS installation
  • Puppet - Unix & windows configuration management tool

Content Management Systems

Data Encoding


  • MySQL - The world's most poupular DB
  • Oracle - Specifically Oracle XE
  • Postgres - The world's most advanced DB
  • Vertica - BigData SQL analytic platform

Disk management and storage

  • Disk images - Partitions and FS
  • DRBD - Distributed storage system
  • LVM - An allocation mode
  • RAID - Hardware and Software RAID tools



  • OpenSSL - SSL and TLS Protocols
  • GnuPG - GNU Privacy Guard
  • SKS - GPG Keyserver




  • M/Monit - Processes monitoring and management
  • Nagios - Hosts monitoring
  • SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol

Network hardware

  • Brocade - Brocade/Foundry switches
  • Cisco - Routers and switches

Network services

  • DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  • DNS - Domain Name System

Remote access

  • VNC - Graphical desktop sharing
  • VPN - Remote private access over public networks


System services

  • IPTables - IP packets filter rules in the Linux kernel
  • SSH - Secure shell
  • Syslog - System log


  • KVM - Kernel-Based Virtual Machine
  • VMware - Server/Desktop Virtualization

Web services

  • Apache - HTTP Server
  • Nginx - Lightweight HTTP and mail proxy server

Operating Systems


  • CentOS - Free Red Hat Enterprise rebuild
  • Debian - The Universal Operating System
  • Fedora - RPM based with the latest in opensource
  • Ubuntu - DEB based distribution
  • Zentyal - Linux alternative for SMBs based on Ubuntu

Other Unix


Desktop Administration



  • GDM - Gnome desktop manager
  • Gnome - Desktop environment
  • Xorg - Implementation of the X Window System


Computer Hardware

Branded Sytems

  • AMD Geode - AMD mobile CPU on thin clients
  • Dell - Dell systems
  • Mac Mini - Apple small factor desktop
  • VIA CX700 - VIA Mobile CPU on small factor systems

Peripheral Devices

  • MSR - Magnetic Stripe Readers
  • Touchscreens - Resistive and capacitive touchscreens


Development Boards

Embedded Linux




  • Cubox-i - Fanless nettop-class computer based on i.MX6
  • Raspberry Pi Tiny and affordable computer
  • VoCore - A coin-sized Linux computer with WiFi

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Other trademarks are property of their respective owners. All other content is the resultant work of my field experience