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Terminal access

How to login into the appliance locally via serial port

  • Attach the serial cable
  • Do screen into to the port the appliance is connected to
# screen /dev/ttyS0
> enable
> configure terminal

How to setup SSH access

Get into the appliance locally as explained above and do:

  • On ver 07.2.00aT7e1
> crypto key generate
> write memory
  • On [ver 07.0.01cT7e1
> crypto key generate rsa
> write memory

How to login into the appliance from the network via SSH

Once the SSH access is set, assuming the IP of the appliance is do:

# ssh
> enable
> configure terminal


How to setup restricted SNMP access

Setup the community string and restrict the snmp access to a specific host

> snmp-server community my_comunnity_string ro
> snmp-client
> write memory


How to create a VLAN

Create the VLAN and set a unique number and name

> vlan 104 name EUCALYPTUS by port
> write memory

How to add a port to a VLAN

  • Ensure the port is not part of any other VLAN, if so, remove from the other VLAN first
> vlan 104
> untagged ethernet 0/1/25
  • To add one port to the VLAN 104 do:
> tagged ethernet 0/1/10/9
  • To add a block of port the VLAN 104 do:
> tagged ethernet 0/1/10 to 0/1/20
  • Save the changes
> write memory

How to remove an port from a VLAN

> show vlan ethernet 0/1/18
> vlan 104
> no untagged ethernet 0/1/18
> write memory

Tagged traffic

How to allow a port to carry both tagged and untagged traffic in the same VLAN

> vlan 104
> tagged ethernet 0/1/18
> interface ethernet 0/1/18
> dual-mode 104
> write memory

How to setup Dual VLAN on a single port

  • Internal traffic
> vlan 100 name PRIVATE by port
> tagged ethe 0/1/10
  • External traffic
> vlan 101 name PUBLIC by port
> tagged ethe 0/1/10
> write memory

How to setup a dual IP on a port with Dual VLAN

On Ubuntu do:

  • Install the vlan package
# apt-get install vlan
  • Setup IPs for the NIC on each VLAN
  • On /etc/network/interfaces setup
auto eth0.100
iface eth0.100 inet static
	dns-search internal
	vlan-raw-device eth0

auto eth0.101
iface eth0.101 inet static
	vlan-raw-device eth0
  • Load 8021q module
# modprobe 8021q
# echo "8021q" >> /etc/modules
  • Assciate interfaces to a vlan
# vconfig add eth0 100
# vconfig add eth0 101
  • Restart the network interfaces
# service networking restart