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Additional CentOS repositories

Before to add any other repitory, do setup yum-priorities

yum -y install yum-priorities

and setup priorities on each repo defined under `/etc/yum.repos.d` folder, by adding the following line into the repo section:

Where N is the number of priority, the higher preference is 1 and the lower is 99.

Recomended values

  • base, addons, updates, extras : priority=1
  • centosplus, contrib : priority=2
  • others : priority=3

Kernels by Linville

Link: http://people.redhat.com/linville/kernels/rhel5/
Kernels for testing and experimentation, useful for new features, including wireless cards.


Link: http://rpmfusion.org

Is a merge of Dribble , Freshrpms and Livna repositories.


Link: http://rpmforge.net

Is a merge of Dag, Dries and others.


Link: http://elrepo.org

Provides hardware support based on kernel module packages.