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How to install M/Monit from sources

  • Download Monit tar file from tildeslash
wget http://www.tildeslash.com/monit/dist/monit-4.10.1.tar.gz
  • Unpack and install
tar zxvf monit-4.10.1.tar.gz
cd monit-4.10.1
make install

How to setup M/Monit

  • Open /etc/monit.conf and set/uncomment this values:
    • Run Monit as daemon
set daemon 120
  • Send logs to /var/log/messages
set logfile syslog facility log_daemon
  • Setup Monit Web Service with authentication from anywhere
set httpd port 2812 and
allow user:password
  • Read configuration files for each service
include /etc/monit.d/*
  • Open /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and add the following lines:
# Avoid Monit activity to be logged on Apache log
SetEnvIf Request_URI "^/monit/token$" dontlog
CustomLog logs/access_log common env=!dontlog
  • Open port on iptables to watch monit on TCP port 2812
iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 2812 -j ACCEPT

How to configure M/Monit services


File: /etc/monit.d/httpd.conf

check process httpd with pidfile /var/run/httpd.pid
  group apache
  start program = "/sbin/service httpd start"
  stop program = "/sbin/service httpd stop"
  if failed port host port 80 protocol http
    and request "/api/restaurant/id"
  then restart
  if 5 restarts within 5 cycles then timeout


File: /etc/monit.d/mysqld.conf

check process mysql with pidfile /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.pid
  group mysql
  start program = "/sbin/service mysqld start"
  stop program = "/sbin/service mysqld stop"
  if failed host port 3306 protocol mysql
    then restart
  if 5 restarts within 5 cycles then timeout


File: /etc/monit.d/actionqueue.conf

check process actionqueue with pidfile /var/run/actionqueue.pid
  group root
  start program = "/sbin/service actionqueue start"
  stop program = "/sbin/service actionqueue stop"
  if failed host port 8443
    then restart
  if 5 restarts within 5 cycles then timeout

How to setup and start M/Monit service

Boot from init.d

  • Register the service to start on boot
chkconfig monit on
  • Start service
service monit start

Respawnning with inittab

  • Append /etc/inittab to add:
mo:2345:respawn:/usr/bin/monit -Ic /etc/monit.conf
  • Start monit
init q