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How to find the default password for root on MySQL on Zentyal

# cat /var/lib/zentyal/conf/zentyal-mysql.passwd

If Zentyal fails to restart a service with an error in the logs like:

ERROR> MyDBEngine.pm:191 EBox::MyDBEngine::_connect - Connection DB Error: Access denied for user 'zentyal'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

then, check that:

  • Zentyal can connect with the password in the above file.
  • my.cnf has not been set with a default user and/or password, if so, clear it.

How to add custom configurations persistent across service re-starts on Zentyal

  • Copy the proper stubs from /usr/share/zentyal/stubs/<service>/ and place it or them under /etc/zentyal/<service>/
    • Destination folder might need to be created
    • Only copy the files that need to be modified


How to fix service already exists.dpkg: error processing zentyal-users (--configure)

  • Write down important values
  • Network interfaces, gateway and DNS resolvers
  • Firewall rules
  • Remove zentyal
# apt-get remove --purge zentyal-users slapd
# apt-get remove --purge zentyal-software zentyal-common zentyal-core
# apt-get remove --purge zentyal-objects zentyal-monitor zentyal-ca zentyal-openvpn zentyal-software zentyal-network zentyal-services zentyal-firewall zentyal zentyal-common zentyal-remoteservices zentyal-core
  • Re-install zentyal base
# apt-get -y install zentyal zentyal-software zentyal-common zentyal-core zentyal-objects zentyal-network zentyal-services zentyal-firewall zentyal-ca
  • Re-install zentyal users
# apt-get -y install zentyal-users
  • Setup Network configurations and save changes
  • Setup Zentyal's Users module

How to fix Users can't connect to Samba shares with the LDAP password "NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED"

Additionally, the command smbldap-usershow <user> shows no samba entries

  • Run the command
# /usr/share/zentyal-samba/samba-ldap update-users
  • If the above doesn't fix the issue then run the commands
# /usr/share/zentyal-users/rejoin-slave
# sleep 60
# /usr/share/zentyal-users/resync-replica
# sleep 60
# /usr/share/zentyal-samba/samba-ldap update-users

How to fix SSH X11 Forward is not working

Some other error messages could be:

"Error: no display specified"
"X11 forwarding request failed on channel 0"
  • Listen on IPv4 needs to be fixed by adding:
  • AddressFamily inet to /etc/ssh/ssd_config
  • -4 to the exec /usr/sbin/sshd -D command at the last line on /etc/init/ssh.conf
  • Once the changes are done, restart ssh with
# service ssh restart

How to fix slave registration fails with Invalid value for LDAP DN: . error message.

  • Edit the file /usr/share/perl5/EBox/UsersAndGroups/Model/Mode.pm
  • Add at line 179 </tt>$dn="dc=THIS_HOSTNAME,dc=bashlinux,dc=com"</tt>
  • Restart zentyal